Hope 4 Pets are looking for volunteers in the TRNC to foster our most urgent cases.  Foster homes are vital, without them we have no where to put the dogs we help, your home, might be a safe place to recover from veterinary treatment or a temporary home until they can travel. 

You can foster for as long as you wish, you can foster a dog or cat of your choice, you will never be left with a dog you do not want to foster.

The application form is very simple to complete and you will find one under FOSTER CARE on this website,  it sets out our promises to you.  Alternatively, you  can e-mail us, or pick up the phone and talk to one of our Admin team.  Fostering is a very rewarding and essential part of the help we can provide the animals of the TRNC. 


H4P launched the Madonna project appeal in January 2018.  Admin of Hope 4 Pets visited the site in the pouring rain in an obscure area, a small group of 3 people looking after 26 dog's plus 7 two week old puppies all of which were strays they took in. These very kind people feed and water the dogs and give essential veterinary care. The number of dogs they care for is overwhelming,  and the conditions are dire to say the least, and the pictures really do nothing to justify the surreal conditions. The people have done their best to try and support these dog's but the work needed and financial input that was required was beyond their means and capability. There are also up to another 70 dog's in the area which they help and need help with, but we must start somewhere and that is what we intended to do.

All the bitches have been spayed thankfully, except for the Mum with the puppies and one other female. The males had not been neutered and we witnessed 7-8 fights whilst on site with the mum being pinned to the ground 3 times alone. H4P have instantly set in place the neutering of all the male dog's there. The Mum and pups were taken to safety, until the pups were older and the mum could be spayed, H4P found homes for 3 of the puppies, but unfortunately their siblings had to be returned to the site. Mum and the remaining female were spayed.

We provide 20+ new kennels for all these dog's and a group of Hope 4 Pets volunteers cleaned the site, which was a back breaking task,  but the site was in a much better state when we left. Bedding and bowls were also provided. 


MADONNA PROJECT is so named because all the dog's have names,  MADONNA is the matriarch of the pack.

Donations can be made via the links below or just hit the DONATE button at the top of the page.

or direct to our bank account by BACS using sort code: 20-11-81, acc no: 23445542 Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus


Rehoming Cats and Dogs to the UK and Europe is a lot easier than you think, we can put you in touch with people who can help you, we use them  ourselves!

If you would like any information on rehoming animals to the UK and Europe then please contact Hope 4 Pets.