Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus was formed as a Facebook Group, and are dedicated to making the life of the street animals of North Cyprus a little more bearable. As a non profit making, organisation H4P has many followers on Facebook, our membership has grown rapidly over the last 12 months. The many members of H4P who help the animals are volunteers, no one is paid, we do not make a profit, all monies donated are used for the welfare of the street animals of North Cyprus. As such, we rely solely on the generosity of our members and supporters through our gofundme page, PayPal and by Direct Debits to our bank account. You can sponsor any of the dogs/cats on this website, or visit our facebook page for more animals which need your help. You can also donate towards food, kennels and vet fees. On our gofundme page you can leave a message together with your donation, we will then use your funds in what ever way you have specified. We always have dogs in kennels which is a huge drain on our resources, which are very limited.


Our main aim is to try and get FREE neutering for the street animals of the TRNC, so far this plea has been ignored by the powers that be here in the TRNC, we aim to keep this at the top of our agenda and we will never give up the hope of making this a reality.

Secondly, no matter what location, we aim to provide as much help to the street animals of North Cyprus as funding will allow, which might be in the form of food, bedding, or veterinary treatment, in some cases we try and find foster homes, permanent homes. Kenneling is the last option, H4P do not have their own kennel facilities, so we pay for kenneling like anyone else.

The foster homes currently in use are provided by members of H4P who open their homes to take in the most vulnerable. We are desperately in need of new foster homes, for either dogs or cats. We provide all our foster families with food donations, kennels, bedding and pay all vet bills, please help us to help them, they have no one else...............