Nell is another long term kenneled dog. Through no fault of her own, this young girl as a puppy was on and off the streets with no stability until she was placed in kennels. She does not cope too well within this institution and craves a stable loving home. We think Nell is a Labrador X, very quiet and shy,  loves people, well socialised and we think approx 12-18 months old, she would make a great addition to any home.  Please consider being the one for her, if you would like to meet Nell, you can use any of the contacts on this page. Permanent home in the TRNC or UK needed. 



WENDY Wendy was found abandoned in a locked derelict house in Kyrenia, with no food or water and left to starve to death. H4P were notified of her plight and Wendy was removed from the house on 6th April, 2015, and temporary accommodation was found for her at Petline kennels. She was also neutered and checked by the vet whilst there. H4P sent out urgent appeals for a forever home. She was briefly given a home, but the gentleman in question decided he did not want a dog after all, too much responsibility, so due to no fault of her own poor Wendy returned to Petline. She is currently in foster care. She has a lovely nature and is good with people and other dogs and cats. She has been let down too many times now and we really want to find her a forever permanent home, if you can give her the home and love she deserves please phone, e-mail or visit our facebook page.


Rosie was rescued from the side of a main road in June 2017, she had been run over, she had a badly broken leg, the leg has now healed well, and she has now also been spayed, together with treatment for internal and external parasites.

Rosie is a young dog, approximately 8-10 months old, possibly Labrador x, she has been in foster care from June until August, but unfortunately she will be in kennels once this comes to an end.  She is very well socialised with other dogs and is very friendly and loves nothing more than a cuddle and some human attention. We are looking for a foster or permanent home in the TRNC or permanent home in the UK or Europe for this beautiful young girl. If anyone would like to meet Rosie, please contact H4P on any of the links on this page.  



Keesha we think is a Husky cross, only a young dog maybe a couple of years old. She was found laying outside a shop in Kyrenia, she could not move her back legs.  H4P appealed for anyone to go and collect her and take her to the vet at our expense, no one came forward, that same night one of H4P admin managed to get hold of a car and went looking for Keesha this was 10pm, Emma drove around looking for Keesha and eventually found her not far way, she was in terrible pain, Keesha was put into the car and driven to the emergency vet, who gave her pain killers and Emma was told to bring her back in the morning for x-ray. She spent most of the night in the car with Emma, as she was in so much pain. She was taken to the vet next day she had a broken Coccyx and had to be taken daily for painkiller injections.  She is now on the road to recovery and is being fostered by Emma until she fully recovers. Emma said she is a lovely dog and even though in lots of pain she was very affectionate. Keesha is good with other dogs and cats, Emma has quite a few of both!  She is good on the lead and in the car. If you would like to meet this gorgeous girl, please get in touch with H4P using any of the contact methods on this page.  We are looking for a permanent home for Keesha TRNC or UK/Europe.