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Odin has now been in kennels over 12 months.

Odin was taken off the streets by a very kind family in 2015, he lived with the family and their other dogs quite happily until the family had to move back to Turkey, unfortunatly they could not take Odin with them for financial reasons. Odin is currently under the care of Hope 4 Pets, we do not have our own kennel facilities and as such Odin is in kennels paid for by H4P. Odin is well cared for in the kennels, but he does not get a lot of human interaction and Odin loves people.

Odin we think is approx 3 years old, he is a Rottweiler cross and a chunky soft boy, he is not as big as a full Rottweiler. He gets on with all other dogs, but we would be looking to rehome him to a family with female dogs. He has not been tested with either cats or children. We are desperate to find him a new home as kennels are not ideal for Odin. Odin has been neutered and has had all the usual checks and injections.

If you would like to meet this big softy, please contact H4P, we would be only too pleased to arrange for a visit. We would carry out a home check on any prospective new owners, which is standard procedure.  We are also looking for sponsorship for Odin, you can sponsor him by donating on gofundme or by visiting our e bay store where you can simply click to sponsor Odin, any sponsorship donations will go towards his kennel fees.   


Asil was first brought to our attention back in February 2017, as a small puppy he was kept on a small balcony, not fed and no fresh water, the balcony was full of his own waste and never cleaned, neigbours tried to keep him clean, and tried to feed and water him as best they could. H4P admin approached his owners to see if they could take him, they were refused, so all we could do was monitor his situation. Asil then disappeared and we were told by the owners that he had been rehomed. In August 2017 he was posted to our facebook page by a member, he had been found wondering around Doğanköy and they were asking if anyone had lost him. H4P admin went looking for him the following day and found him, he had a bite wound to his leg, he was under weight but otherwise not in bad condition.  He was taken to the vet and his injury treated and he was neutered.

Asil we think is a staffy cross, is very good natured, well socialised, he does not seem to have a problem with cats.  He walks well on the lead and is good in the car. He is probably 8/9 months old.

If you would like to meet this very friendly, well balanced dog, please use any of the contact details on this page. We are looking for a foster/permanent home in the TRNC or Permanent home in the UK.