Karen Lain - 'Thank you for all your good wishes and prayers for him it's nice to know for the first time in 23 years I am not alone in what I do, you don't know what that means to me, bless you all'


Chancer, a very beautiful English Setter was found wondering outside Starling Supermarket in in November 2014, by Tasha Atik, he was very emaciated, he weighed just 14 kilos. A posting was made on the H4P website asking for donations and a temporary home for Chancer. Karen Lain an H4P member stepped forward and decided to give Chancer a temporary home. Donations from members and friends of H4P were given to help Chancer on his long road to recovery. Karen took Chancer to Petcross in Ozankoy, who gave him flea and tick treatment and carried out blood tests for Leismania. Unfortunately the blood tests came back positive for Leismania, a deadly desease of the blood caused by sand flies, Chancer was given a course of drugs, injections and oral to fight the Leismania and all so for his Anaemia.

In December of 2014 he weighed in at 23 kilos, nearly doubling his body weight and was well enough to be microchipped.  In Feb 2015 his bloods were nearly back to normal, so he was taken off his medication for Leishmania and Anamia.  March 2015 he was neutered, Hope 4 Pets continued to contribute to his vetinary needs.

He has a wonderful life now with Karen Lain, who has given him a home perminantly, he plays happily with her other dogs and has settled into family life.  Karen made the following comment on our H4P facebook page:-

'He rushes around everywhere like a big kid sleeps on the bed against my back but likes to push me to the edge of the bed most nights me having a "word" doesn't seem to be working!!'

What a wonderful ending for a very lucky 'Chancer'........