Ben was rescued age 7 weeks after his mother and a pack of other dogs were attacking him.  He was fostered my Maria & Vic Chappel for quite a few months before finding his forever home with Susie Georgeson.


George is a  12/18 month old pointer cross, he was found begging for food in June 2014, by his current owners Liz & Peter.

He was emaciated and very frightened, after their two week holiday was over they decided they could not leave him behind, and flew him to the UK, read George's story on our stories page


BO was found wondering the streets. She is approximately 7 years old and is mixed breed. After a number of appeals on H4P Facebook page, she found her new home with a lovely couple Jean Evans and her husband.  Hope for Pets helped with her vets bills and temporary kennels until she could go to her new home, please read her story on our stories page.


Chancer is an English setter found by Tasha Atik, near Starling Supermarket in November, 2014.  He was very emaciated and full of ticks/fleas, he had Leismania and was Anaemic. Adopted by Karen Lain, Chancer now has a wonderful home, his full story can be found on our stories page.


Lucy is the second dog that has found a home with Peter and Emma and is a new playmate to Sparky. Lucy was found in a bad way wandering around Lapta, She had a huge wound on her back and was full of ticks/fleas and also very thin. Emma posted a picture of her on the H4P website as she needed some help and advise. Within an hour Maria Chappel from H4P came out to see Lucy and took her to Garfield vets, who treated her wound, which was caused by being hit by a car. After Lucy had her wound dressed by the Vet, she needed a new home, despite lots of shares on the H4P website, Lucy was no nearer getting a home so Emma decided she would take her in 'temporarily'. Luckily Lucy got on really well with Sparky and they are now inseperable. Lucy was thought to be only 5 months old when found and is very affectionate and greets people with kisses and always wants a cuddle. Lucy has now found her forever home with Peter and Emma and has a happy secure future ahead of her. Emma has said that homing Sparky and Lucy has changed their lives and made their family complete. Oh how we love a happy ending........................


UPDATE: Olive has been rehomed

We do not know her genetics or age, but she is not an old dog. Olive was neutered by Hope 4 Pets, is house trained and is good with other dogs. Olive was in foster care for 2 months before a new home was found for her in the UK, rehomed in Feb 2016.


UPDATE: Yogy has found a home, and was rehomed in Nov 2015

Yogy black and grey spotted possibly pointer cross, sister to Taz, these two poor unfortunate young dogs have had no luck in their very short lives, they were very young puppies when taken in by H4P. There last owners dumped them to fend for themselves and they were found cowering in a field and being fed by a very kind stranger.Yogy is a lovely girl, great temprement and very friendly, she has been spayed and has had worming and flea treatments. She would make a very affectionate and loving companion to another dog or would be happy on her own or homed with her brother Taz. Yogy is currently being cared for in kennels with Taz which is funded by H4P, this is not an ideal option as they are so young.


UPDATE - TAZ has a new home Jan/Feb 2016

Taz was born Dec 2014/Jan 2015 Taz is very friendly towards humans and dogs.

Both Taz and Yogy (Sister to Taz) had been dumped 3 times on separate occasions in their short lives, non of which was anything to do with their behaviour, or personality, just uncaring humans. The last time they were dumped together was in April 2015, when they were only 5 months old, they were found living under bushes in a field and were being fed by a very kind stranger. Taz has been neutered and has had flea and worming treatment. Taz was in kennels funded by H4P from April, 2015, until his rehoming.

UPDATE - FEB 2016 - A very kind lady came forward to foster Bella initially, but fell in love with her and has now given her a permanent home.  Bella now has her safe place.......

Bella, is the black poodle from the centre of Girne that was run over by a car a couple of weeks ago. She had two of her legs broken and also her matted hair caused some injuries on her body. She was found and treated by  Niyazi Çelebi, She has undergone a hip operated and the other broken leg taken care of. She was also bathed and shaved. Bella has a sad story to tell - she had once an owner, an old lady who died, and afterwards Bella was put out into streets where she has survived for 3 years on her own.  Hope 4 Pets paid for all her vet costs and will be paying for her kennelling whilst she recovers.  Bella is a small sweet dog, around 5 years old, she needs somewhere where she is safe... Bella is very gentle, she has a lot of trust in people, very patient and never complains... she communicates beautifully and will be a very special dog for somebody.



Beautiful young dog approximately 7-9 months old, He is in temporary foster care, he has been neutered. We think he has possibly Husky genetics hence the stunning blue eyes. He is a very friendly well adjusted boy, good with other dogs and people, not been tested with cats yet. If you could give this lovely boy a home please contact H4P by telephone, e-mail or facebook.


William was found very emaciated and frightened, desperately looking for food. He is a greyhound cross. He has now found his new forever home in the TRNC


Brother and Sister, Rottweiler crosses born January 2013. Their owner had to leave the TRNC at short notice, he took with him their mother Krull, but could not afford to take Fric & Frac, so they were abandoned in TRNC .  Very luckily for them Ergun Gulcer could not standby and let them starve or be put to sleep.  Since the beginning of 2014 he has been campaigning to get these two lovely dogs homes. Eventually homes were found for both dogs in 2015.  


Sparky was given a forever home by Peter and Emma, who recently moved to North Cyprus with their young family.  Sparky was the last of a litter of 7 puppies to be rehomed.  He was a very shy puppy but after only a week of bringing him home Emma says it was like he had always been there, he is now a fun loving, very affectionate boy.


At only 7 months, he was homeless, hungry, flee infested and then was hit by a car. With the loving care of the Vet he was clipped, both front legs had injuries and were treated, one of his back legs had a metal pin inserted. He needed two months of treatment for his injuries.

Photos of his injures were posted onto the Hope 4 Pets facebook page and he received many likes and comments.

Maria Chappell founder of the group straight away fell for him and husband Vic needed very little coaxing to take on another pet although they all ready had 5 dogs already. He is a very happy little dog and has settled well into our family.


Very timid, female approximately 6-8 years old, she is spanial size but no idea what breed she may be a mix of. Alma was found shaking in the corner of the apartment she lived in after her owner died. When she was first fostered by Maria Chappel, she would not leave her bed, not even to eat or drink, but after a couple of months Alma started to be a bit more confident, and started to interact with the other dogs in her foster home. She is interested in everything going on around her, and enjoys her walks. Although Maria & Vic Chappell initially only fostered Alma, they have decided she should not be moved again, so they will give her a forever home and continue to give her the love and support she needs, a very happy ending for Alma.................

UPDATE Gracie has now found a home.

Gracie is approximately 8-10 months old and is a beautiful brown pointer. She was left on waste ground in a make shift shelter, with no food or water and left there for 2 weeks, no one returned ....... some kind people in neighbouring houses started to feed her and contacted H4P. She is still very thin but has put on enough weight to be spayed and is recovering well. Gracie is very timid and has a lovely gentle personality.


UPDATE Lady has found a forever home

Maria Chappell was contacted by telephone regarding a dog being mated by a number of male dogs, Maria went to the rescue, she took Lady home for some TLC and over the following weeks she was neutered and given tick, flea and worming treatments. Lady is a very placid, good natured dog and would make a good family pet. We think she is only a young dog and possibly a retriever cross, although only small. Lady was rehomed in February 2016 


UPDATE - Razor found his forever home Jan, 2016

Razor lived on a beach, he was fed and watered by kind strangers that visited in the summer months. We think he is a pointer, he has been neutered. He is a very friendly boy and is very friendly towards humans and gets on well with other dogs. He possibly had a family once. Razor has settled in very well into his new home in the UK.



Actually one blue and brown eye, this lovely little puppy was rescued by a lady who could not keep her.  An appeal was posted on Hope 4 Pets for a foster or temporary home.  A foster home was found for a few weeks where she was introduced to other dogs and cats and got on very well with both.  She was wormed and flea/tick treatment given.  Within a week she was rehomed to a lovely young family newly moved to North Cyprus.  She is now living very happily with her new family and two more female dogs for company.  When the times comes for her to be neutered her new family can benefit from H4P neutering vouchers.

UPDATE LITTLE PUPPY NO NAME, NOW HAS A NAME - MUSA AND A FOREVER HOME - April 2016, rehomed by his founder Diana Bujold

Little puppy (No Name) found wondering on main road, he can not be more than 5-6 weeks old. He is in foster care at the moment but needs permenant home, as fosters have pre-existing holidays booked and will be leaving the island eventually.  He has been checked by the vet and has had his puppy shots.  If you are interested in this beautiful young puppy, contact either Hope 4 Pets or Diana Bujold on 0533 8841087. Puppy is in the Karmi Area