Fostering is a vital part of our rescue operation.  Without foster families our Dogs and Cats can not be saved for their future families.  Hope 4 Pets will never leave you with your foster animal longer than agreed and we will support you throughout the time of fostering with food, vet treatment, and advise.  Please see our form for details.

Volunteering to be a foster carer is so worth while, you are welcome to speak to any of our foster carers before you decide to foster.

To download the form please click on one of the buttons above and contact H4P using e-mail, phone or facebook, a completed form can be handed to one of our admin or e-mailed to H4P.  Alternatively we can complete your form for you and can have it ready for you to sign when one of our admin team meet you.

Our Policy

It is the policy of Hope 4 Pets as a Charity registered in the TRNC and England & Wales to provide all our foster families with all the necessary day to day requirements for the welfare of the dog/s or cat/s.

A pack containing food, bedding, bowls, a lead and collar will be given at the time of fostering (if required), these articles remain the property of Hope 4 Pets and will be returned to H4P once the foster period has been completed. A new pack will be issued for every new foster period.

Access to veterinary care will also be available through H4P, Notification of the need for veterinary treatment must be authorized by a member of admin prior to the dog/cat being taken to the vets, (unless an emergency). The foster family will bear no cost for veterinary treatment pertaining to one of H4P foster dogs/cats.The foster family will be reimbursed for the cost of veterinary treatment on production of a receipt/bill from the vet. (H4P have accounts at some vets, so this may not be necessary). A foster dog/cat will never be left with the foster family longer than the agreed period of foster.Should the foster dog/cat for any reason be unsuitable for the foster family, H4P agree to remove the foster dog/cat, (please give as much notice as possible, to allow us to find a suitable home).

Additional food required for the length of the foster will be paid for by H4P, please keep any receipts for our accounts.

Thank you for completing this application form and for your interest in volunteering with us.